Web Afternoon

Web Afternoon is a conference for people who love the web. Born in Atlanta, the event is a no-frills experience for the people who make, develop, design, and serve our Internet in all its glory, created to inspire greater acts of community, curiosity and engagement with short talks given by those with abnormal ambition. Since its debut in 2010, Web Afternoon has traveled to Charlotte, and is soon expected to land in Austin, Boston, and Charleston.

I was one of Web Afternoon's earliest team members, brought on board to juggle several spinning plates and control the inevitable chaos that comes with the logistics of conference organization. Which is, really, the roundabout way of saying: I loved every minute of it.

During the summer of 2012, I helped orchestrate Web Afternoon's Charlotte series, managing a combination of: inviting and securing speakers, writing all bios and collecting head shots, vetting sponsors and venues, managing several dozen travel schedules, writing the conference's philosophy and creating its voice and tone, community building via social media, planning the run of show script, hanging posters, distributing lanyards, and of course, streamlining everything on event day.

Since my time with Web Afternoon, the conference has been named by Campaign Monitor as a "Conference to Watch".