I'm Amanda Serfozo, an independent content strategist serving as the right hand to UX and design teams worldwide.

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You design context.
I create content. 

Together, we work in tandem through the design process to make informed content decisions, celebrating the fact that content and design don’t just operate hand-in-hand – they are the same hand. 

Whether wireframing first-round web designs, designing interactive interfaces or developing a brand from the inside out, I intuitively plug into your team's design process and guide it with my own. My role is to act as a user advocate while providing deeply resonant, human-centered content at every project milestone, custom to every experiential touchpoint.

Through the build-out, the behind-the-scenes, and the backend, I'm in the trenches with you, working shoulder to shoulder, supporting the design process by giving content a language — and a life — all its own. 

About Me

Now more than ever, people want maps for the worlds they wish to enter, and a story that shows them where to navigate to next.

They want to be given more than “delight”. They want to be given a direction to move and be moved in, the kind that begins and ends with a strong discovery, design, and deployment process.

I know this because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it because I’ve had a hand in building it.

For over 10 years, I’ve worked with brands, businesses, agencies, nonprofits and startups to develop content fit to context.

As I’ve acquired a deep knowledge for how content behaves, I’ve also become fluent in the tactical languages that make it thrive, including user experience and user interface design (UX/UI), information architecture (IA), and interaction design (IxD). My agile methods of sliding between the medium and the message, the strategic and the story-driven, bring value and impact to the teams I support. Designers, developers, and strategists know me as a trusted ally and an advocate for empathy, bringing it all back to the people on the other side of the screen. 

I’ve built content for websites, applications, and software. I’ve written storyboards and reworked entire storylines. I’ve helped audiences acquire greater access, achieve deeper knowledge, and connect with like minds. 

I use my innate curiosity about how humans move the through the world to design content that meets them exactly where they are, guiding them towards next steps that put them exactly where they want to be. 

I began my career in content back in 2006 with a selective editorial internship at Rodale, typically reserved for college students, but awarded to me in my junior year of high school based on merit (and pure stubbornness). I later learned the importance of a strong call-to-action and the power of community while organizing with Obama for America. While studying at Emory University, I helped architect the first on-campus chapter of TEDxEmory, built my writing portfolio with projects that included names like NBC New York, Uber, and SXSW, and researched the 11th Circuit on behalf of the National Science Foundation. 

As content strategy was emerging as a recognized practice, I found myself imagining a rough-draft blueprint for better community and connection at the American Bar Association in Washington, D.C. It was there that I realized that designing content in the context of design was in my true nature. 

After graduating, I turned down an offer to study product launch development at Georgetown University and instead signed on as Employee No. 2 to grow Nine Labs, a UX consultancy, from the ground up. While there, I rolled up my sleeves to build business and design content for communities like the Atlanta Web Design Group and conferences like Web Afternoon and Remix South.

I later went on to join Brand Fever, where I worked to develop content for a steady roster of Fortune 500 clients, all while experimenting with new forms of content that put the agency on the map. A 40-episode web series called On Branding emerged in the form of founder interviews, podcasts, and videos, reaching audiences in over 85 countries. 

In 2014, I co-founded an emotive storytelling studio called Lexicontent, serving as a trusted content partner and creative director. Built solely by word-of-mouth and client referrals, I touched over 200+ projects for businesses, brands, and nonprofits seeking powerfully resonant, emotive content. 

Today, I hand-pick a select number of clients that I work with personally, devoting my time to collaborative teams and creative projects that give me a good story to tell and an opportunity to put my hands to work doing good in the world.


B.A. Political Science, Sociology
Emory University
Class of 2012


Notable Clients

Georgia Pacific
Dairy Queen
Atlanta Bread Company
Rite Aid
High Museum of Art
City of Refuge


Housing Works
Sepsis Alliance
Fuzzy Math
Postcard Pantry
The Possibility Experience



Head down.
Hands at work.

I work with clients on a per-project, value-priced basis, and in special cases, on a monthly retainer. Because I touch and manage every project by hand, I choose carefully, reserving my bandwidth for projects that demonstrate a clear vision and an allocated budget. 

Once you contact me with project details and share any helpful documents (e.g., prototypes, wireframes, napkin sketches), I'll reach out to schedule a conversation about next steps, which typically include scope, timeline, and budget. 

I typically support clients with: 

Discovery & Targeting

Discovery & Targeting is my time-tested, client-custom process for uncovering project objectives, defining points of differentiation, and architecting emotive stories around unique truths that make brands whole.

Inventory & Analysis

Content inventories cull chaos and confusion by taking stock of existing web content, so your team can make strategic decisions to keep, repurpose, or eliminate it. 

User Personas

Users, customers, buyers – however you refer to them, user personas are highly empathetic, goal centered, ultra detailed vignettes that transport design and product teams into the lives of those who are buying. 

Messaging Matrix

A Messaging Matrix is a clarifying document and nine-point grid that defines your mission, vision, positioning and more through messaging direction for products and services, brand identities, and content campaigns.

Content Mapping

Content Mapping is the high-level process of collaboratively designing and deploying an editorial strategy for planning, publishing, and promoting content in its many forms. 

Voice & Tone Guides

Voice, tone, and editorial guidelines educate your team about how content behaves in context, ensures that the brand acts in accordance with its character, and demonstrates how to execute with consistency. 


Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is downloadable, keyword-driven insight that’s always on, always relevant, and always available to your audience, so that they can find content of interest while search engines find interest in your website.

Case Studies

Case studies are project successes that tell a cohesive story about your unique process, problem, and solution in a way that helps your prospects see themselves in your hands, and wins you more of the work you love doing. 

White Papers

White papers are long-form content pieces that research, distill, and synthesize high-level takeaways into actionable insights that build credibility, educate clients, and impress prospects. 

Annual Reports

Annual reports are digital deep-dives that provide an immersive year-in-review journey through your company’s growth, milestones, and achievements for team members, stakeholders, and investors.

Culture Books

Culture books playfully collect the best of your company’s core values and present the heart of your team in their own words, images, and insights. 


eBooks are downloadable resources and immersive content that draws on the depth of your expertise. Designed for mobile reading, eBooks position you as an educator and publisher who believes in the power of knowledge-sharing.


Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are bonus material to existing content that expand on an original piece by making it more valuable, more accessible, and more detailed to your audience than ever before.

Survey Content

Survey content aligns with research objectives to ask the right questions that provoke telling answers about how to better build, design, and manage products and their prototypes.

Course Content

Course content is expertise thoughtfully extracted and intelligently organized into modules, lessons, and downloads that you can turn into a standalone product or 


Infographics turn complex concepts into comprehensive ideas that serve as opportunities to educate and entertain, all while positioning your brand as one that understands the power of data and story working in tandem.


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