Rite Aid & Coca-Cola In-Store Displays

This year, Rite Aid and Coca-Cola paired up to bring a dose of happiness to the idea of wellness.

I was brought on to develop concepts for in-store displays, currently featured at flagship wellness Rite-Aid stores, part of a comprehensive launch strategy to compete with Walgreens and CVS through in-store experiences and engagement.

My work was focused on creating character sets for each category of brand beverage, with their own identifiable messages, such as "wellness", "energy in, energy out", "hydration", "happiness", "contentment", "thirst-quenching", "there when you need it", and "take me with you!" This was also paired with directional content that encouraged shoppers to change their line of vision, through phrases like "up here", "and "slide over here for freshness!"

Finally, each copy piece had an element of localization, to further reinforce the flagship store's location in the Atlanta metro area.