On Branding

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On Branding allowed me to make friends with my heroes, talk to industry legends, and expose the world to incredible brand stories happening right here in our backyard.

On Branding is a digital documentary and podcast series that introduces audiences to the world's most celebrated brand creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and experts, giving an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at national Fortune 500 brands, as well as Atlanta's own organic, homegrown successes. During my time producing the show (April 2013 - June 2014) On Branding grew to reach 100+ countries, and every major market worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia). 

Past guests included Eric Davich (co-founder, Songza), Alissa Walker (Urbanism Editor, Gizmodo), Keith Radford (GM, Uber), Chase Clemons (Support Lead, 37Signals), Adii Pienaar (PublicBeta and WooThemes), Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bedat (co-founders, Zady), Jesse Altman (CEO, Whynatte), Willem Van Lancker (co-founder and Designer, Oyster), Seb Williams-Key (Yoga Studio), Ryan Lessard (New Business Developer, Kiip), Marissa Sackler & Simon Isaacs, Charity:Water, Beespace), Nicki Schroeder (CMO, High Road Ice Cream), Gina Munsey (founder, Lenka and the Fawn), Liz Gillespie (Atlantic Station), Megan and Mike Gilger (Wild Measure, The Fresh Exchange), Ryan and Tina Essmaker (The Great Discontent), Ed Burke (ScentAir), Peter Corbett (CEO, iStrategyLabs), Jonathan Baker (co-founder, Monday Night Brewing), and Chris Savage (CEO, Wistia). 

During my time producing On Branding, the show received praise from Graphic Design USA Magazine, and was featured in Brand New.