Coke Happiness Lounge

Who says happiness isn't a place on Earth?

Coca-Cola partnered with Brand Fever for its 2013 FMI Future Connect Conference to write and refine on-brand copy to reflect key messaging for 6+ verticals, including strategic branding initiatives to drive beverage incidence, light and chilled drinks categories, snack program insights, immediate consumption solutions, emerging innovation, shopper-centric meal solutions, and overall path to purchase roadmaps. I worked with our design team to create an experiential "lounge" setting for consuming content – literally – displayed on iPads and smartphone devices.

I also designed a true/false style game to reinforce Coca-Cola's offerings and portfolio of products. In partnership with Coca-Cola, we delivered MyCokeRewards for all game winners, rewarding the user for engaging with the content.

I was brought into the project to write "happiness" scripts that encapsulated the brand's signature refreshment experience, and storyboarded all tradeshow displays, used on loop while guests enjoyed Coca-Cola beverages at standing tables throughout the Happiness Lounge.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Newsletter

Coca-Cola worked with the Brand Fever to develop a custom newsletter for its proprietary Freestyle machine, in light of the company's pitch and sales team effort to bring the offering into McDonalds stores nationwide. I was brought into concept 2-3 dozen newsletter names that placed emphasis on the brand's strides toward continued innovation, leadership, and growth. Together with Coca-Cola's team, a final round of 6 names were selected, with one being chosen as the winner.

Supplier Diversity Campaign Taglines

Coca-Cola partnered with Brand Fever to develop a B2B tradeshow-specific ad campaign demonstrating its commitment to diversity and women-owned franchises and retail businesses that serve Coca-Cola products.

I led the project's ad copywriting, reflecting many of the mission statements in the company's 20/20 vision.

Proposed concept lines for the ad were:

  • It only takes one to changes the lives of everyone. Making opportunities possible every day.
  • We help build those who build the future of their communities, businesses and opportunities.
  • The difference between dreaming and doing. That's diversity at work. Coca-Cola celebrates prosperity, opportunity and community for the next generation.
  • Powering the empowered. Activating the active. Investing in the inspired. When a life, a living, and a passion unite – Coca-Cola is there to celebrate it.
  • We've seen the future – and it looks like diversity. We are proud to support the goals of women and diverse business owners around the world, in their efforts to improve their communities and empower their goals.
  • Making a difference starts with making investments in meaningful opportunities, promising leaders, and the power of visionary thinking. Today and every day, Coca-Cola is proud to bring dreams to life.