Atlanta Bread Company

Atlanta Bread Company is a bakery-café franchise with 110+ locations over 24 states, headquartered in Atlanta. Serving chef-inspired soups, salads, sandwiches, breakfast options, and desserts, the restaurant has seen rapid growth in its national market, and its highest level of interest from prospective franchisees.

When the company's executive leadership came to Brand Fever, we spent an afternoon learning about the brand's history, its "bread man" logo, and the strategic ways in which it wants to capture customer segments, with an image of fresh-daily, upscale eats that can fit a variety of need-states, whether it be a professional lunch outing, or a student study session.

The company asked us to prepare campaign concepts for its spring/summer campaign, offering opportunities to learn about its Bacon, Brie & Arugula sandwich and Coffee Cakes. The campaign would also carry through from online to in-store point-of-sale, where customers would be able to learn more about its new offerings, and receive discounts for future visits.

I drafted copy with a focus on freshness, keeping in mind Atlanta Bread Company's appeal to more discerning tastebuds. Paired with stunning food photography, the copy is able to transfer from multiple touchpoints, whether it be digital banners or POP (point of purchase) displays, all while keeping the same delicious design aesthetic.

This is an active project. Please watch this space for project updates and implementation.