MPower Mobile App Launch Video

ABM is a premier provider of building maintenance and facilities at stadiums, hotels, and retail stores in the United States and Canada. Before MPower, operators were spending too much time tethered to their desks. Cumbersome updating processes (multiple sign-ons, no mobile options, slow moving information) made them frustrated, taking time away from more meaningful tasks, and preventing them from making more meaningful relationships between clients and co-workers.

MPower is a single sign-on, instant entry for ABM employees. Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, MPower allows users to access their custom interface to quickly view relevant information, resulting in efficient management and faster task completion.

I wrote questions, specifically to create content for its app unveiling video. Questions had to address the initial problem, idea, development, benefits, usability, and testimonials by ABM senior executives in a one-day shoot.

ABM 2007-2014 In Review Video

ABM worked with Brand Fever to produce an "in review" video, showcasing its strategic growth over the past seven years.

I was brought on to lead scriptwriting and storyboarding, communicating the company as a global leader, consistently positioned to embrace and acquire new opportunities for expansion and industry excellence.

The script worked with visuals to tell a chronological story of mergers, acquisitions, and service line expansion, serving as a "rally cry" for the entire company, and highlight reel of its most strategic business moves to date.

With a focus on the company's expansion, organization, and infrastructure, the video introduced several climaxes coinciding with its largest wins to date, while also keeping an eye on ABM's outlook past 2015 in areas of energy, security, and empowered growth.

The video ended with messaging that communicated ABM's continued market growth in Europe, positioning the company as a "game changer" for "today, tomorrow, and 100 years from now".