Upfront 2014 Campaign

TBS and TNT, sister brands under Turner Broadcasting, represent today's face of realtime, social, and collaborative media. With original content like CONAN, Men at Work, Dallas, Falling Skies, and Mob City, the networks are leading millennial (18-34) and primetime viewership, not only on television sets, but on second screen devices, video on demand (VOD) and online media channels.

Turner Broadcasting chose Brand Fever as its creative partner in developing theme line, roadshow content, and upfront ad copywriting for its 2014 Upfront season, occurring this May 2014. Through a combination of digital strategy (i.e. web takeovers, video content, social engagement) and offline interaction (i.e. billboard buys in Times Square, ad space in the New York Times, and signage around Madison Square Garden), I was brought on to lead and create all copy for this project.

Using the network's concept of NOW Media, I expanded upon several verticals: its proprietary MediaLab analytics reporting, collaborative content with notable directors and writers, original content through its Funny or Die acquisition, socialized broadcasting, brand targeting strategies, and sales ROI.

I delivered three concepts: "Must Watch Media", "Pulse On", "The Insiders", "Own the Moment", and "Now We're Onto Something", including headlines for each, and strategies to extend the campaign.