Coca-Cola & McDonald's World Cup Concepts

McDonald's and Coca-Cola asked Brand Fever to present exciting, immersive concepts to its team in anticipation of its Worldwide Operators Conference. The event is a time to celebrate franchisee owners and operators, many of whom travel together to experience a taste of what's new and innovative for the company.

I led concepting for this project, including Alive: Worldwide (urban street art inspired, live folding wrapper and label artists, art installations, a live Tweet wall, and local screenprinters) and Sense Together (sensory and immersive, featuring aromatherapy, a branded soundtrack, standing conversation tables, overhead audio stations, and massage chairs).

The project was a fascinating experience, allowing me to play in the intersection of experiential design and branded key messaging.

Coca-Cola McDonald's Division Project Updates

The right words make all the difference.

The Coca-Cola Company's McDonald's division worked with Brand Fever to develop a custom project updates email, designed for eye-catching readability by its supply chain, operations, marketing, and menu management teams. I played an integral role in the project, crafting the newsletter's name ("The Refreshment Report") and vertical-specific headlines.

Coca-Cola McDonald's Stewardship Site

An annual tradition, Coca-Cola and McDonald's always pair up to commemorate breakthroughs, achievements, and milestones in their business relations, while celebrating the progress both companies have made in bringing happiness to every corner of the world.

2014 was a special year for the annual stewardship report. Brand Fever was called on to produce its first digital-only, interactive website to communicate its biggest moments. The site was targeted to specific leaders and stakeholders in strategic regions, and marketed to 6 regions across the world.

I was brought in conjunction with our designers and web developers, to write bold statement headlines throughout the website, focusing on lines like "Creating Moments That Matter", and "Refreshing the World Together". My copy was mindful of the site's user interface, like animated bubbles, directional navigation, and clickable stories throughout.