Maybe.For.You Website Copy

I partnered with Maybe For You to provide full website content and web content strategy.

Maybe For You is a cross-platform digital agency that designs custom multi-screen solutions for big brand clients like the NBA, CollegeBoard, InterContinental Hotel Group, and Lowe’s. Designed for Chief Marketing Officers and top-tier executives on both the agency and brand side, the site had to convey Maybe For You’s unique, often technical offerings, as well as its roster of success stories with past and previous clients. I was hired to develop the site's new architecture, then compose each page of new website copy, including headlines that adopted a voice and tone similar to the team’s own friendly, yet brainy, personality.

In addition to the agency's new site refresh, I was asked to write 18+ Maybe For You case studies, detailing the complexities of the initial problem, the agency’s solution, and the buildout and/or deliverables submitted, in addition to the ROI or success metrics each individual project garnered.

Transitions Lenses Project RFP

When opportunity looms, fast turnaround times aren't a luxury – they're a necessity. The Maybe For You team had 48 hours to write 26 pages of content for an upcoming project with Transitions Lenses, a brand known for its polar lenses that can be worn by users both indoors and out. My writing and strategy were tapped by the team over the course of one weekend.

The mission?

Relay the agency's technical capabilities to discover, design, develop and deploy a custom CRM system, sales associate tablet app, "How It Works" in-store display, style matching and frame selection tool, ordering system, point of sale system, Android and iOS customer exploration app, as well as an interactive map, visit itinerary, HD curved video booth, closed circuit system, and training application.

My expertise in writing longform copy in short bursts of time came in handy. The RFP was submitted to brand strategists come Monday morning – signed, sealed, and delivered.