LFI Master Design Concepts

Strategy wins when writing excels.

Light Fair International is the world's largest event for lighting and industry designers, contractors, builders, and architects. For its 2014 Las Vegas convention, the organization expressed their desire for concepts focused on the human element, curiosity, and fascination.

I was asked to concept several dozen tag lines, as well as key messaging, vision, and mission statements that defined LFI's importance in the design industry. Above all, copy had to reflect the show's opportunity for design talent to find the solution for their next lighting project, and witness new technology as it's born.

Light Fair International immerses, educates, and inspires the world's most celebrated members of the lighting industry.

Light Fair International is the only lighting conference of its kind, inviting bright design and manufacturing talent to the world's stage. Through dynamic business opportunities, hands-on product interaction, immersive educational experiences, and exclusive networking events, Light Fair International represents the nexus of what's new and next for the industry.