Angel Soft Ultra Embossed Launch

Georgia Pacific, a close client to Brand Fever, asked us to help them work on several deliverables for its Angel Soft Ultra embossed launch, set to take place at its annual ISSA event. The event is targeted toward A-class business and office managers, hotel managers, and individuals tasked with selecting bath tissue at their establishments.

Deliverables for this project included a custom mail teaser, product poster, and 30 second video with full storyboarding and scriptwriting.

I concepted three themed directions for the project: Elevated Quality (a roll of Angel Soft Ultra upon a cloud and throne), Essential For Luxury (a rolled out roll in place of a red carpet, its embossed texture on a high-end fashion piece, and a roll offered on a silver platter), Soothing Comfort (a home's interior made of Angel Soft Ultra, including bed, linens, slippers and couch).

SofPull Stainless Steel Launch

This year, Georgia-Pacific unveiled its shiny new stainless steel dispenser at several industry tradeshows. I was brought onto the project to write ad headlines and copy, communicating the stylish and smart benefits to switching to a stainless steel dispenser. This copy was targeted toward upperclass business, office, hotel, and retail managers who personally select facility upgrades.

Georgia-Pacific Content Strategy

I worked with Georgia-Pacific Professional, its B2B wing that manages janitorial, foodservice, and large venue needs, to define, strategize, and develop a comprehensive content strategy plan. Together, we created a unique strategy built to activate and inform audiences and select personas under four GP Pro content channels: hygiene, cost effectiveness, image, and sustainability.

Due to the scope of the work, GP Pro decided to hire a full-time social media and content marketer. I wrote a full-service content task list to demonstrate the workflow for the new hire, starting with content brainstorm and continuing through structuring, production, interviews, editing, approval, scheduling, socializing, analytics, archiving, and governance.